Aquaculture Articles on North America

Increasing interest in local food means there's opportunity for expansion in Michigan's relatively small aquaculture industry, including the possibility of converting unused buildings in Detroit for raising fish, the director of state Department of Agriculture said Tuesday.

Salmon farming companies on Vancouver Island's West Coast say they do not have any qualms with the regulation of aquaculture's recent change of hands from the province to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO).

B.C.'s first closed, floating salmon-farming tank — touted as a greener alternative to traditional open-net pens — has been installed off Vancouver Island.

The Virginia Marine Resources Commission will set aside more than 1,000 acres of prime, state-owned water bottoms for the farming of shellfish in cages to further promote aquaculture in the commonwealth.

Bacterial coldwater disease (CWD), caused by the bacterium Flavobacterium psychrophilum, is a lethal infection that causes significant losses of hatchery-reared salmonids worldwide. The disease is regarded as the No. 1 problem for Idaho’s trout industry, resulting in $9-10 million annual losses and up to a 30 percent reduction in yield.