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Fischer Chemical Ltd. is a certified supplier of APIs&intermediate, Herbal Medicine, Food Additives, Cosmetics Raw Materials, Laboratory Instrument&Chemicals, PVC Modifier, Aquaculture equipments, etc. Now two branches have been..
A sound experience in the industrial field allowed Borli Impianti, with the Automation and Control Division, to apply the most update technologies concerning monitoring and control in the aquaculture. Monitoring system Web-based monitoring..
We are an Agro base company and Traders in agro products, We are desireous to go into industrrial fish farming.
We are to follow aquaculture's acceptable solutions in worldwide with the aim of increasing the productivity at every stages of fish rearing and lead alternative solutions to be in our sector. HDPE Cages design, Mooring system, net, HDPE boats, fish..
The first Aquaculture Consulting Company in Pakistan. Consultancy services, site selection, farm management and equipment suppliers to the local industry. To promote Marine finfish farming, coastal and cage aquaculture.
Tecnos apply the most update technologies concerning monitoring and control in the aquaculture. Tecnos is able to propose the realization of a complete plant or integrating it with its own high technology tools from Hatchery to Growing.
We (Magic-Float Enterprise Co., Ltd.) are a professional exporter and manufacturer of Magic-Float Modular Floating System located in Taichung, Taiwan. Our product, Magic-Float Modular Floating System, is best choice product for any leisure..
Our company FIBERYAP founded in 1983 has taken its place in sectoral market within the shortest time by focusing on target policies and maintaining quality sustainability.  Our company from its inception till nowadays has maintained on the..
Deco Aquaculture Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd is an innovative Chinese-German enterprise. Deco offer Full range from designing of total projects over complete system solutions to the manufacture of components and lasting development. The..
We are an association of 3 hatchery at Situbondo area who produce best quality of Tiger Grouper Fry, Mouse Grouper Fry & Seabass Fry.