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1. 10 times more effective than normal filter media in cultivating beneficial bacteria.2. Releases minerals and trace elements which are essential for the good health, rapid growth and intense coloration of aquatic plants and animals.3. The Emissive scale of the Bio House's far..
Foldable tanks made of nontoxic rubber&synthetic fibre are used for temporary culture, medicated bath. 1. Easy to assemble 2. Nontoxic, uvioresistant, antioxidative, thermostable,     cold resistant 3. Stretch-proof,..
1. Comes from the newly developed aeration technology and extremely simple to use, fit flexibly to your layout design. 2. A major reduction in energy costs, significantly higher oxygen transfer rates, higher dissolved oxygen (DO) levels, and an improved bottom line.3. A high efficiency, low..
The sand filter we supplied is constructed by the latest Engineering Technology. The improvement of flow ability provides an Ultra-pure water filtration. The fiberglass winding design allows the filter to have extra strength and resistance to chemicals and corrosives. It is most..
The Integrated Ozone Generator applies adsorbing media from UOP in the USA, by changing adsorbing pressure (PSA), the oxygen generators split oxygen from nitrogen, and filter out poisonous substances of air, achieve highly concentrated oxygen levels to produce ozone through electrical..
The floating media with a very high bio-film surface that is many times greater than other plastic media such as bio-balls, various mats and foams, beads, ribbon & brush type media, etc. Under a patent pending process, Ultra Bio-Media is seeded with bacteria and barley to..
The protein skimmer is made up of water intake device, venturi air intake device, reaction chamber, ozone intake device, sewage collection chamber, and cleaning device. The function of protein skimmer is to remove undesired substances, such as suspended particles, colloids, dissolved..
Long life time fiberglass aquaculture tanks.1. Nontoxic, tough, molded, rigid. 2. The corrosion-resistant polyester formula used in making these tanks offers the highest chemical resistance. 3. Heavy-duty, top-quality construction, using finest materials. 4...
UV Sterilization is a safe and natural method to reduce waterborne pathogens and algae the causes “Green Water”. UV is as natural as sunlight. Unlike chemical treatments that can potentially harm the fish, beneficial bacteria, and plants in your farming system, UV does not leave any..
1. Large specific surface area , Superior bacterial adhesion and colonization2. Accelerated bacterial adhesion due to the particular formula and processing, surface texture and grade of plastic used. 3. Distinctive appearance, Resistance to loading shock and clogging 4. Low..