Aquaculture Articles on Asia

The fishery villages program will be re-launched and the fishery population will be given better houses, said Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Minister Dr Rajitha Senaratne. He said under the new program action would be taken to make available playgrounds, children’s parks and other requirements of fishery children. By now, the Minister said, plans had been drawn up to construct 4000 houses for homeless among them.

Sri Lanka is in a strong position to become a leader in aquaculture due to a vibrant program launched to develop the industry in the country, said Director, Centre for Coastal Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Calgary Canada, Dr. Craig Stephen.

Thai shrimp exports are unlikely to be affected by recent moves by Gulf of Mexico shrimpers and lawmakers who have urged a US panel to extend duties on imports from countries such as Thailand and China, citing the BP oil spill and hurricane damage as reasons to protect the $2-billion industry.

The Regional Fish Farmers Development Agency (RFFDA) Kashmir on Monday organised training cum awareness programme at Pandach Demonstration Centre.

This city will see the rise of a multi-million-dollar aquaculture and hydroponics farm this year.