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The IKS aquastar multi function measurement, regulation and control system is specially designed for use in aquaristic and aquaculture.
The important water values are permanently monitored and stored. With the setting of min/max values and via the switch sockets and selected equipments the values can be adjusted.
The IKS aquastar computer offer also time switch and interval function to fully automatic manage tasks for you via equipments which are plugged into the switch sockets.

System functions:
online data collecting and storing 2000 data sets (store also when power is off)
sensors for pH, ORP, DO, conductivity, T, mbar, waterlevel
up to 8 measurement modules
up to 16 switch sockets
automatic sensor/switch socket recognition
alarm function (acoustic, optic )
manage pumps, feeders, cooling/heating, oxygen/air supply and other el. equipments
PC interface

Additional functions on demanding:
external display
with connected PC (1200 m distance) data processing as tables/graphs
SMS controller possible for remote alarm and remote data enquiry via SMS
software update

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