DECOFACC Life Support System

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The DECOFACC Life Support System is a modular planed, flexible set up for mechanical and biological water preparing and cleaning in seawater as well as freshwater. The load of the pools, biological treatment, skimming capacity, ozone demanding, aeration/oxygen demanding are calculated by our DECO formula. It is used for Water World/Aquarium and Industrial Fish Farming. Because of the modular set up of the system it can follow the individual situation of each project. The main components of a DECOFACC are: mechanical filtration biological cleaning protein skimming ozone treatment and/or UV disinfection temperature regulation air and oxygen system automatic monitoring & managing system water conditioning system DECOFACC systems are used in: incoming water treatment water recirculation waste water treatment fish transportation

DECO biological filtration system is based on the breeding of aquaculture and the aquarium features of design and manufacture, its ingenious combination of the inner interval, integration with scientific formula made of high specific surface area of special biological filter media, but also to make chemical and biological filtration DECO system, an extraordinary effect. Reasonable and uniform flow of the water-free bubble hazardous substances or water-soluble ammonia and nitrite, are equally effective in excluding and rapid degradation. With ATK, and DECO brand protein skimmer, ozone sterilizer used in combination, but also the perfect combination of chemical and biological filtration efficiency can play to the peak.

2: Product Features:
Sophisticated, with multi-function filter
Science and the proportion of formula
Simple operation, easy maintenance

3, product specifications:
Water quantity: 3m/h-200m/h
Can also be based on customer requirements

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