HDPE Geomembrane

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"Kuanruo" HDPE Geomembrane is made of excellent Polyethylene material, the primary component are about 97.5% high density polyethylene, and about 2.5% carbon black, anti-aging material, resist oxidation material, ultraviolet ray absorbent, stabilizer, etc.
     We introduced the most advanced automatic equipment from Italy, The HDPE film is three layers. All the products conform to the standard of American GRI and the testing standard of ASTM. The film ranges from 0.20mm--3.00mm in thickness, 6m--12m in width. It is widely used in environmental protection, aquaculture, architecture, city planning, park, sight, oil and chemical , mineral, salt tank, agriculture, etc.

The Characteristics

High anti-seepage coefficient: HDPE Geomembrane has excellent anti-seepage performance, osmotic coefficient of vapor is K

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