Found 4 Companies with Products in Category - Tanks & Liners

Shanghai Kuanruo Plastic Industry Co., Ltd is the only manufacturer in Shanghai China, specializing in the production of all kinds of waterproof geotextile materials. We adopt the most advantaged quipment, with two-color three-tier co-extrusion..
Huitex, the enviromental technology business group of Huikwang Corporation (HKC), is a global manufacturer and supplier of geosynthetic lining products and services. Huitex supplies full ranges of geosynthetic products with specialized specification..
Deco Aquaculture Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd is an innovative Chinese-German enterprise. Deco offer Full range from designing of total projects over complete system solutions to the manufacture of components and lasting development. The..
Our company FIBERYAP founded in 1983 has taken its place in sectoral market within the shortest time by focusing on target policies and maintaining quality sustainability.  Our company from its inception till nowadays has maintained on the..