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The absolute innovation available now is WFC ( WebFishControl), web-based monitoring designed with a new working idea.It allows the farmer to check , control and operate in any moment on the farming parameters.All system is available for internet; the data collected from the tanks are sent to the..
The IKS Aquastar Alpha is a microprocessor controlled measurement and regulation system. It is specially for such people that are looking for hand held systems or that start with controlling functions.As handheld battery operated instrument it is used for measuring pH or ORP or..
This probe has been specifically projected for the fishfarming Sector and it is now used in some thousand of units. The probes are nowadays used almost for monitoring and automatic oxygen control in fishfarming tanks, for which the probe has been specifically studied. Due to its robustness,..
Main functions Simultaneous viewing of: Oxygen measurement in ppm and saturation percentage Temperature measurement Salinity value correction Automatic calibration Technical features Lighted display Rechargeable battery Integrated Epron to memorize 250 measurements plus..
Used for oxygen control and for both oxygen and T on request. The unit has indipendent display, keyboard and power supply; for control 4 rel' outputs are available
The IKS Aquastar Midi is an aquaristic computer as measurement and regulation system. It is specially for such users which need to control only temperature and pH or ORP.The water values are permanent monitored and min/max values can be set. With switch sockets relevant equipments to adjust the set..
The IKS aquastar multi function measurement, regulation and control system is specially designed for use in aquaristic and aquaculture.The important water values are permanently monitored and stored. With the setting of min/max values and via the switch sockets and selected equipments the values..