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The Integrated Ozone Generator applies adsorbing media from UOP in the USA, by changing adsorbing pressure (PSA), the oxygen generators split oxygen from nitrogen, and filter out poisonous substances of air, achieve highly concentrated oxygen levels to produce ozone through electrical..
The series ozone generator with the application of IGBT integration technology, ozone is produced by the corona discharge, discharge chamber is the composition of hydroxyl quartz structure by the tubular generator. Unique anti-backwater design (backwater difficult to damage the machine),..
In each tank to be monitored an oxygen probe will be installed. The probes converge to some control units which: Allow to visualize on a display the oxygen values. Activate alarms in case of risk. Activate some machines and/or electrovalves for controlled oxygen delivery. The control..
This probe has been specifically projected for the fishfarming Sector and it is now used in some thousand of units. The probes are nowadays used almost for monitoring and automatic oxygen control in fishfarming tanks, for which the probe has been specifically studied. Due to its robustness,..
The series is built inside oxygen generator as the oxygen gas source, high concentrations of ozone is made with technologies used to produce ozone, the native built-in oil-free air compressors, filters, oxygen can be generated from plug-in. Widely used in water treatment, pharmaceutical and..