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Main functions Simultaneous viewing of: Oxygen measurement in ppm and saturation percentage Temperature measurement Salinity value correction Automatic calibration Technical features Lighted display Rechargeable battery Integrated Epron to memorize 250 measurements plus..
UF-250Bseries membrane module is designed of the end cap and clamp connections and central tube structure, the interface uses the quick cutting ferrule of the international standard size. They are mainly used in water purifying, the treatment of pure water and ultrapure water, recycling of..
This series features a unique double-pipe ozone-resistant design, manufacture components is the products of international famous plant, intelligent design technology of the generator leading the world. Widely used in water treatment, pharmaceutical and food plants sterilization, sterile..
The IKS Aquastar Alpha is a microprocessor controlled measurement and regulation system. It is specially for such people that are looking for hand held systems or that start with controlling functions.As handheld battery operated instrument it is used for measuring pH or ORP or..
Mainly applies in all kinds of industrial used pure water, the power plant boiler makeup water , also used in processing the high concentration saliferous wastewater, the drinking water manufacture and other Brackish water application domain,specially suitable for high pure water..
CDD-5000TM comes in a two-component powder mixture that, when added to a set volume of water, produces a 0.5% (5,000ppm) solution of chlorine dioxide. CDD-5000 TM enables a wider public to reap the benefits from chlorine dioxide, without the hassle of a generator. With CDD-5000, the generator is..
With our venture slogan - Better than Best, KYMCO is officially announcing to the world of our missions in presenting KYMCO\'s finest power-driven products and technical service, in activating human\'s vivacity, and in allowing the internationally-famed KYMCO tolead you into a convenient, safe,..
Used for oxygen control and for both oxygen and T on request. The unit has indipendent display, keyboard and power supply; for control 4 rel' outputs are available
The series have a reasonable structure, reliable performance, exquisite appearance design concept, widely used in water supply, aquaculture, swimming pools, food and medicine and other industrial water and circulating water treatment industry. This machine has a small investment, low cost,..
The series of UV water treatment can work under the washing of the quartz tube, keep the UV transmittance of quartz tube, and thus maintain long-term good sterilization. Manual cleaning UV water treatment monitoring functions with optional ultraviolet illumination, the radiation intensity..