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The floating media with a very high bio-film surface that is many times greater than other plastic media such as bio-balls, various mats and foams, beads, ribbon & brush type media, etc. Under a patent pending process, Ultra Bio-Media is seeded with bacteria and barley to..
The protein skimmer is made up of water intake device, venturi air intake device, reaction chamber, ozone intake device, sewage collection chamber, and cleaning device. The function of protein skimmer is to remove undesired substances, such as suspended particles, colloids, dissolved..
Main functions Simultaneous viewing of: Oxygen measurement in ppm and saturation percentage Temperature measurement Salinity value correction Automatic calibration Technical features Lighted display Rechargeable battery Integrated Epron to memorize 250 measurements plus..
Long life time fiberglass aquaculture tanks.1. Nontoxic, tough, molded, rigid. 2. The corrosion-resistant polyester formula used in making these tanks offers the highest chemical resistance. 3. Heavy-duty, top-quality construction, using finest materials. 4...
UV Sterilization is a safe and natural method to reduce waterborne pathogens and algae the causes “Green Water”. UV is as natural as sunlight. Unlike chemical treatments that can potentially harm the fish, beneficial bacteria, and plants in your farming system, UV does not leave any..
The DECOFACC Life Support System is a modular planed, flexible set up for mechanical and biological water preparing and cleaning in seawater as well as freshwater. The load of the pools, biological treatment, skimming capacity, ozone demanding, aeration/oxygen demanding are calculated by our DECO..
Tableted combination of selected bacteria that improve water quality in production systems by degrading organic material. 
1. Large specific surface area , Superior bacterial adhesion and colonization2. Accelerated bacterial adhesion due to the particular formula and processing, surface texture and grade of plastic used. 3. Distinctive appearance, Resistance to loading shock and clogging 4. Low..
DECO is expert for the realization of Industrial Fish Farming projects. Following the wishes of the customer and the local conditions we design and plan in detail environment friendly, energy saving and high reliable recirculation systems with innovative biology and technology for land based..
The recirculating aquaculture system is mainly used in high density indoor fish farming, which is made up of a mechanical filter, protein skimmer, ozone & ORP controller, residual ozone filter, bio-filter, UV sterilizer, and a water quality monitoring device.